About Shadowboxes

Artwork is featured in a two-layer, 3D format, housed in a beautiful white shadowbox.

A Unique, Treasured Fundraising Item

The children in your school or organization will enjoy creating artwork for shadowboxes, and parents will love receiving them! Could you ask for a better fundraising idea? Here are a few examples.

Shadowbox featuring artwork that includes a rainbow. Shadowbox featuring artwork that includes a heart. Shadowbox featuring artwork that includes a sailboat. Shadowbox featuring artwork that includes flowers.
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An Easy Fundraiser

Our fundraising program is designed to be easy to run...

An icon that represents drawing a picture.
Draw Artwork
Have children draw artwork on Picture Forms (provided)
An icon that represents a form.
Collect Orders
Send home a letter to families to collect orders
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Submit Group Order
Submit your Group Order to KidsArt
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Distribute Products
Distribute your products at your school or organization
If you want to keep your art fundraiser simple, you can offer your parents the opportunity to purchase shadowboxes only. Otherwise, you might want to consider combining shadowboxes with the other fundraising products that we offer. Also, organizations typically receive best results when artwork is drawn in a classroom setting.

Fundraising Products

Every child designs their very own fundraising items

KidsArt, Inc. shadowbox featuring artwork of pandas.
Featuring each participating child's artwork in a two-layer, 3D format, housed in a beautiful white shadowbox.
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A notecard featuring flower artwork.
Note Card Set
Everybody loves note cards! They're a personalized way to send thank you notes, birthday wishes, holiday greetings and more.
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A notepad featuring sunflowers.
A fantastic note-taking tool that keeps a child's art within their parent's reach. Perfect for to-do lists, grocery shopping, or leaving notes on the refrigerator.
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Picture stickers featuring flowers.
Picture Stickers
Who doesn't love a good sticker? Picture Stickers put kid's art front and center. Perfect for adding to notes.
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Picture stickers featuring flowers.
Gift Tags
Perfect for embellishing holiday (or any day) presents, gift tags add a bit of personality.
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Stickers with address lines featuring watermelon.
Stickers with Address Lines
Add some style to envelopes!
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Fundraising with KidsArt

Artwork of an owl.

Creative & Educational

When your school or organization participates in a KidsArt fundraiser, the children in your organization have an opportunity to put their imaginations to use completing the necessary artwork. Additionally, you can use the process of drawing artwork to incorporate art instruction into your fundraiser — which serves a dual purpose of both educating and conveying the value of arts education to parents.
Artwork of cheetahs.

Cherished & Treasured

Parents cherish and treasure KidsArt's fundraising products not only because they feature their children's art but also because of the high quality of the products that we provide to your school or organization. We take time to retouch artwork where necessary and ensure that colors are vibrant.
Artwork of flowers.

Profitable & Inclusive

We offer a wide range of price points that enables organizations to sell both premium and price-inclusive fundraising items.

Sample Kit

Our products are even nicer when they're viewed up close and in person. If your organization is considering our art fundraising program, we'd love to send you a sample kit!
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