Preschool Art Fundraiser

Are you trying to find a method to raise money at your preschool? Consider a KidsArt art fundraiser!

When your preschool (or PTA, PTO, etc.) participates in a KidsArt fundraiser, the children in your organization draw artwork and then you offer families the opportunity to purchase products featuring that artwork.
You might think that the children in your organization would be too young for an artwork-based fundraiser, but they're not! We've worked with numerous preschools, day cares, and the like, across the United States. With some help from the teachers (or volunteers) at your preschool, artwork-based fundraising can be an excellent idea for raising money.

Ideas for Preschool Artwork

An easy artwork idea when working with preschool children is to create artwork that's based on handprints or fingerprints. This type of artwork tends to be easier to create at the preschool level.
We've also found that many schools that we've worked with find success when they create artwork that's a joint collaboration between the adults in the classroom and the children. For instance, we've worked with schools that start by having the children create imprints of their handprints or fingerprints and then the adults help them turn those handprints or fingerprints into interesting objects — a handprint might become a turkey or a lion, for instance, or a line of fingerprints might become a caterpillar or a train.
If you participate in KidsArt's art fundraiser, the children will draw their artwork on Picture Forms. The back of the Picture Form provides an opportunity for the children to add their names. Often, at the preschool level, the teachers or volunteers will have the children add their names but then will also handwrite the child's name beneath their signature.
You might also consider creating a few art templates to help the children.

Why raise money with a KidsArt fundraiser?

Artwork is a fundamental skill taught at the preschool level, and parents love seeing the artwork that their children produce. Turning that artwork into beautiful products and offering parents the opportunity to purchase it can be an excellent way for your preschool (or PTA, PTO, etc.) to raise money.
We make it easy:
  1. Draw artwork on Picture Forms
  2. Send home a letter & collect orders
  3. Submit your group order
  4. Receive & distribute products
You'll love KidsArt's art fundraiser for your preschool because:
It's a fundraiser that works in a preschool setting.
At the preschool level, the children may be too young to be interested in (or to have their parents be interested in) traditional fundraisers that work at higher grade levels. Artwork-based fundraising, on the other hand, provides a unique opportunity to raise money by encouraging the use of skills that are often already being introduced at the preschool level.
Families will treasure products featuring their children's artwork!
From our stationery products to our shadowboxes, we produce fundraising items that families love. We take care to retouch artwork where necessary and ensure that colors are vibrant.
We're a company known for our customer service.
We've been helping schools and other organizations raise money since 1996. We pay attention to the details of creating a streamlined, easy-to-run school fundraiser.
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