Library Art Fundraiser

Raise money for a library with artwork-based products

Fundraising for a library can be a difficult task. However, as many libraries have expanded the services they offer in response to changing patterns of use, expanded services may offer you an opportunity to raise money. KidsArt can help you leverage your library's strengths to raise money with a fundraiser that library patrons will love!

Chances are, your community sees your library as a place for community gatherings. And, if your library has a children's section, perhaps you have regular gatherings for story time or the like. You might want to consider utilizing those community gatherings as an opportunity to help raise funds for the library. It's a perfect venue for running a KidsArt fundraiser.
KidsArt's art fundraiser transforms children's artwork into fundraising items that their families can purchase. From note cards to notepads to shadowboxes that showcase artwork in three dimensions, we produce fundraising products that families treasure! Your community gathering is a fantastic opportunity to explore the topic of art with children who attend, while providing parents with the opportunity to purchase beautiful items featuring their child's art, and raising money for your library!
A note card featuring flower artwork.
Additionally, our program is easy to run even with participants of different ages and skill levels. For younger children, consider helping them draw artwork that features handprints or fingerprints (which you can help them turn into a variety of fun things like caterpillars or butterflies). For older children, you might want to set a theme, or you can simply let them use their imaginations.
Children draw their artwork on Picture Forms (which you can download and print). All of the children can participate in the process of drawing a picture, and parents that want to purchase items can purchase from you.
You'll submit your group order to us, and we'll make and ship your ordered products to the library for distribution. Needing to pick up the products featuring their kids' art provides another good reason for a return visit from parents!
A KidsArt fundraiser is an excellent opportunity to combine your mission to educate with your need to raise money while encouraging your community to gather and exchange ideas.
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