KidsArt, Inc. Art Collection Card

5x7 Art Collection Cards

A beautiful set of 5x7 greeting cards featuring six art focal points

5x7 Art Collection Cards showcase multiple pieces of artwork by presenting specific focal points from submitted artwork. Parents submit 6 pieces of artwork for this product. We'll expertly select and showcase portions of the art and reproduce them on a set of beautiful 5x7 greeting cards.

5x7 Art Collection Cards

Set of 6 folded cards, 5 in. x 7 in., with matching envelopes, inside blank.
Suggested Selling Price $22-24
Cost $14
Your Profit $8-10
Pricing above is for schools & organizations running a KidsArt fundraiser, excludes tax, and includes shipping & handling. Pricing valid through June 30, 2020. Product images not to scale.
Art Collection
This product is an Art Collection product. Art Collection products feature focal points, expertly selected by KidsArt, from multiple pieces of artwork.

Number of Submitted Artworks: 6
Fewer than 6 pieces of artwork may be submitted if one or more of the provided pieces of art contain enough complexity to extract more than one focal point and at least 6 focal points can be extracted from all of the artwork.

This product is available as part of the Existing Artwork fundraiser. Parents may submit a variety of artwork sizes (maximum size of 11 in. x 17 in.). Artwork may feature multiple mediums, such as marker or paints, and will be modified and/or cropped to fit the required proportions.
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