Elementary School Art Fundraiser

Would you like to raise money with a creative, school artwork fundraiser that families love? We've helped thousands of schools and organizations collectively raise millions with our KidsArt fundraising program.

KidsArt offers an art fundraiser that transforms artwork made by students in your elementary school into fundraising items that their parents can purchase. Your elementary school (or PTA, PTO, or other organization) keeps a portion of the profits.
KidsArt's art fundraiser includes both traditional stationery items (such as note cards, notepads, and several kinds of stickers) and now, art shadowboxes that transform 2D artwork made by fundraising participants into 3D home decor frames.

How It Works

An icon that represents drawing a picture.
Draw Artwork
Have children draw artwork on Picture Forms (provided)
An icon that represents a form.
Collect Orders
Send home a letter to families to collect orders
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Submit Group Order
Submit your Group Order to KidsArt
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Distribute Products
Distribute your products at your school or organization

Why art fundraising?

An art fundraiser is a particularly good choice for elementary schools looking to raise money. Here's why:
  1. Grades K-8 are well suited to embracing art projects
  2. KidsArt's fundraiser requires no door-to-door selling or up front inventory
  3. An art fundraiser can be incorporated into your school's curriculum
We recommend that schools or organizations participating in KidsArt's art fundraiser have the children draw their artwork in the classroom for best results. If the PTA/PTO is organizing the fundraiser, they'll often work with the schools to arrange for pictures to be drawn, for instance, in art class.
If you have the artwork drawn in a classroom setting, you might want to incorporate art lessons into the project. Some schools also like to provide themes for the students to follow (usually, on a per class/grade basis). Whether or not you assign themes, or utilize your school's current art curriculum, students will benefit from the opportunity to show their creativity through art!
Fundraising with KidsArt is a fantastic idea for everyone involved at your school or organization:
  • For the children, it's a fun and exciting opportunity to express their creativity and share ideas with one another through art. Children will gain self-confidence from seeing their artwork professionally showcased.
  • For the teachers (and especially art teachers), KidsArt's school fundraiser is an opportunity to show the community why art programs are so important to the educational process.
  • For the parents, KidsArt's art fundraiser provides valuable and treasured products — tangible keepsakes of their child's earlier years.
  • For your school or organization, PTA or PTO, KidsArt, Inc.'s fundraising program is simply profitable. You can set your own pricing for the products we offer, so schools and organizations that work with us typically choose to earn 33% or more.

Benefits of KidsArt's School Artwork Fundraiser

No Upfront Inventory
When you participate in a KidsArt fundraiser, you'll have the children draw their artwork, then you'll send it home with a letter to the parents offering them the opportunity to purchase products featuring their children's artwork. You then place an order with us for the fundraising items that the parents decide to purchase. As a result, there's no up front cost of inventory with respect to a KidsArt fundraiser.
Easy Fundraising
Our art fundraiser is easy:
  1. Draw artwork on Picture Forms
  2. Collect orders from families
  3. Submit your Group Order to KidsArt
  4. Receive & distribute products
Artwork of an owl. Artwork of cheetahs. Artwork of flowers. Artwork of bees.
An Opportunity for Creativity
KidsArt's school artwork fundraiser provides your school or organization with an opportunity to encourage students' creativity while offering parents fundraising products that they'll love! We've worked with numerous schools that utilize KidsArt's program not only as an opportunity to raise money but also to teach art in the process. Typically, the PTA will work with these schools to integrate the KidsArt fundraiser into the classroom.
Whether your school's art teachers are focusing on teaching impressionism, abstracts, or pointillism, KidsArt's fundraising products offer a terrific avenue for integrating the lessons that the children are learning in art class into your fundraising efforts. For the children, there's a substantial difference between creating artwork simply to satisfy the requirements of art class, and creating art for the purpose of transforming it into a professional product.
Financially Inclusive Products
Our fundraising products are priced to be financially inclusive. For those desiring higher-end products, we offer three dimensional shadowboxes and note card sets. However, we also offer a wide range of price points through our other stationery products so that our fundraising program is inclusive as well — families can participate by simply purchasing a notepad or set of stickers, for example.
Benefit Immediately
Your organization keeps its portion of the profits up front, so you'll benefit from your fundraising efforts immediately.
Fundraising Experts
KidsArt has been in business since 1996. We focus on providing a streamlined fundraiser featuring high-quality products. We create beautiful products by focusing on the details, such as touching up artwork (for instance, by removing fingerprints and smudges) and ensuring vibrant colors. And we're a company known for our customer service.
If you want to generate excitement about art, enable the children to see their work professionally showcased, offer parents the opportunity to purchase products they'll love, and raise money for your organization, start your KidsArt, Inc. fundraiser today!
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