We've helped thousands of schools and other organizations collectively raise millions...

Have the kids in your school or organization use their imaginations to create fantastic artwork, turn that artwork into products that parents will love and cherish, and raise money for your school or organization all at the same time.

If you're looking for a company to help you run a kids artwork fundraiser because you think it'll be a success at your school, KidsArt, Inc. has helped thousands of schools collectively raise millions of dollars with this idea! Since 1996, we've refined our fundraising program to help you raise money while simultaneously being easy to run. We're known for stepping you through each part of the process of running an artwork fundraiser and sending back the finished products meticulously labeled and ready for distribution.

Yet, we know that the ease of running a fundraiser isn't everything — and that what will make a lasting impression on the parents in your organization is the quality of the products they receive. That's why we've also refined our products over the years, and why we like to think of ourselves not only as a top-notch fundraising company, but a top-notch stationery company as well. Our products feature gorgeous papers and printing, and we pay particular attention to making sure that the colors on our products are vibrant and pop!

If you think that we can help your organization raise money, we'd invite you to browse our program and product selection, request a free fundraising sample kit, or contact us to start your fundraiser!