Fundraising with Art: An Educational Opportunity for the Kids in your School or Organization

Finding a fun and educational fundraiser for kids while also raising money for your school or organization is challenging! You're probably tired of the same old wrapping paper and candy bars and would prefer a fundraising program that's just as much about the kids as it is about the fundraising.

KidsArt, Inc. has been providing such a program since 1996. We specialize in enabling schools and organizations to offer families a product that they'll love and cherish for years to come — art-based products featuring the artwork of their children — that can also be directly integrated into the art curriculum of your school.

Whether your school's art teachers are focusing on teaching impressionism, abstracts or pointillism, KidsArt, Inc.'s stationery products offer a terrific avenue for integrating the lessons that the children are learning in art class into your fundraising efforts. For the children, there's a substantial difference between creating artwork simply to satisfy the requirements of art class, and creating art for the purpose of transforming it into a professional product that they'll see in print, and that they can share with others.

Teaching our children to send cards on special occassions or to simply say thank you is an important social gesture and cards designed by the children are likely to be stashed in a special place and cherished for years to come.

If you want to generate excitement about art, enable the children to see their work professionally printed, offer parents the opportunity to purchase products they'll love, and raise money for your organization, consider starting your KidsArt, Inc. fundraiser today! It's a fundraiser that's not only about raising money but also about education too.