Art-card Fundraisers

KidsArt, Inc., a fundraising company that's worked with thousands of schools to help them raise money, offers two types of art-card, or note card, fundraising programs that can help your school or organization raise money: color note cards, and black-on-ivory note cards.

Art cards, or note cards, that feature the artwork of children in your school or organization, are a fantastic fundraiser. Children draw artwork, you send home a letter to parents soliciting orders, and then send us the artwork of the children whose families purchase. KidsArt, Inc. will take the submitted artwork and turn it into note cards or other color stationery products ordered by your families.

Note cards are available in both color and black-on-ivory (black ink on ivory-colored paper). Parents love our color note cards (and other color stationery products) for their high-quality materials and vibrant colors. And our black-on-ivory note cards are a fantastic value for your community at 50 cards per set.

If you're interested in running an art-card fundraiser at your school or organization, view an overview of the program or contact us for a free fundraising sample kit.