Art Fundraising

An art fundraiser helps schools and organizations raise money through the sale of art-based products that parents can purchase. Every participating child designs their very own artwork and parents are provided with an opportunity to purchase items featuring their child's design — with a portion of the profit benefiting the school or organization.


  • Art-based fundraising products are personal in comparison to other commoditized fundraising products
  • Art fundraising products are uniquely personalized, custom items with long-term sentimental value
  • Items star a child's individual artwork, often providing a child with a sense of pride and accomplishment


  • The drawing of artwork necessary for an art fundraiser can often be seamlessly integrated into a school's curriculum
  • Turning artwork into tangible products can help parents better understand the value of the school's educational art programs
  • Creating artwork for an art fundraiser provides an opportunity to help children apply and demonstrate various art techniques and styles

Profitable & Easy

  • Your organization can set its own selling prices when participating in KidsArt's fundraising program, so you determine the amount of profit you make from each product
  • KidsArt's art fundraiser includes a wide range of price points, enabling schools and organizations to design a price-inclusive fundraiser
  • It's easy! Students simply draw artwork, you collect orders, keep your portion of the profit up front, and submit an order to us. We'll produce the product and send it back to you for distribution.

Art-Based Fundraising Products

Featuring each participating child's artwork, KidsArt's fundraising items are often treasured for years to come.

KidsArt, Inc. Shadowbox
3D Product
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KidsArt, Inc. Color Note Card Set
Note Card Set
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KidsArt, Inc. Color Notepad
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KidsArt, Inc. Color Gift Tags
Gift Tags
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KidsArt, Inc. Color Stickers with Address Lines
Stickers with Address Lines
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KidsArt, Inc. Color Picture Stickers
Picture Stickers
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Art Fundraiser Process

We've kept our fundraising process simple, so that running a KidsArt fundraiser is easy.

An icon that represents drawing a picture.
Draw Artwork
Have children draw artwork on Picture Forms (provided)
An icon that represents a form.
Collect Orders
Send home a letter to families to collect orders
An icon that represents an envelope.
Submit Group Order
Submit your Group Order to KidsArt
An icon that represents a box.
Distribute Products
Distribute your products at your school or organization


An innovative fundraising product, shadowboxes display artwork in a 3D format. Each shadowbox features a two-layer design where elements of the artwork in the foreground overlap the picture in the background. They're a stunning presentation of kids' art, and surely a conversation starter — whether they're displayed at home or at the office.

A Creative, Fun
Fundraising Activity

This art fundraiser has a built-in, fun activity: drawing artwork! The kids in your school or organization will enjoy using their imaginations to showcase their creativity. Assign topics or themes, or let their imaginations run wild! Every year, we see fantastic artwork.

Classroom Fundraiser

KidsArt's art fundraiser typically produces best results when schools or organizations have the children draw their artwork in a classroom setting prior to providing parents with the opportunity to purchase fundraising items featuring their children's artwork.

Educational Opportunity

If you're completing the art portion of this fundraiser in class, it's a perfect opportunity to incorporate art education into the process. If your organization is a PTA or PTO, you may find that because you can incorporate an educational component into your fundraiser, your school's administration may be happy to help integrate the fundraiser into the classroom or other school activities.

Treasured Products

Families love our art fundraising products because the art is the star of each product! Families look forward to a kids' art fundraiser that features personalized products rather than mass-produced items.

Inclusive Pricing & Profitable

Our art fundraiser is a valuable, profitable school fundraiser. Your school or organization may also appreciate our range of price points, enabling you to create a price-sensitive and inclusive fundraising program.
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Why choose KidsArt?

School Fundraising Experts

KidsArt has been specializing in helping organizations such as schools, PTAs and PTOs, churches and synagogues raise money since 1996 with its school art fundraiser.

Profitable Art Fundraisers

We've helped thousands of schools and organizations collectively raise millions through art fundraising. We work with organizations both small and large!


We're a company that's known for caring about details. We strive to provide streamlined art fundraising opportunities, and we care about the details that make for quality products.

No Upfront Inventory

Our fundraising products are customized on demand, so you won't need to purchase any upfront inventory. You pre-sell to parents and then place an order with us.

Upfront Profit

You'll pre-sell items to parents, they'll pay you when they purchase, you'll keep your portion of the profit, and then simply pay us for what you order from us.

Questions? Contact us at or (800) 603-7460

More Info By Organization Type

We work with small groups and large school districts. We have a low minimum order amount, enabling many small groups to participate. Below, you'll find more information on how our school art fundraisers serve certain types of organizations.